What is AITL?
angioimmunoblastic t-cell lymphoma is a rare aggressive blood cancer. 
Overview of AITL

Mom wanted me to list symptoms since dads doctors didn't catch that he had AITL for almost a year.  Just so you know!
  • Night Sweats.  Like gallons.
  • Rash on torso.
  • lymph nodes enlarged on and off.  Seriously, if your nodes are acting funny get a biopsy.  Don't let doctors brush you off.
  • Arthritic joints.  Dad had sudden arthritis moments in hands and feet.
When you look up this cancer it might as well of had a picture of dad next to it.  We knew he had these problems it was just that doctors didn't know to check for it.  Of course we didn't know either.  

The main thing right now is Thrombocyntopenia.  What is that??
Overview of Thrombocytopenia

The other little tiny thing is a BLOOD CLOT in dads lungs.
Overview of Pulmonary Embolism