Supporting Troops

Ben Cube - 2 yrs old
  We grow'um tough round these parts.
The kids call dad Hubba.  When his oldest daughter Heather came out to Germany to visit with her 1 year old Nate, the perfect name was born.

Dad took Nate to the slides at the park and was saying "HUBBA HUBBA let's go.  You got this, HUBBA HUBBA."  Nate pointed at dad and said "Hubba".  Only a small child could come up with a name so fitting.
5 Grand kids with one on the way

The Lesnowicz Clan

Hubbas Cabin in the Sierras

Ben and Hubba

Eds kids - Analicia, Heather and Mathew
Ian and Dexter (son-in-laws).  Dad has shared his love of fishing with everyone.

Catching tadpoles at "Hubba's" lake
Savannah(7) and Nate (10)
Canoa (Mathew), Ben (Analicia), Savannah and Nate (Heather), Kincaid (Mathew) and Analicia is 5 months pregnant

 Nathaniel - Age 10 (gives Hubba his baseball fix)

Savannah-the lone granddaughter and "sweet lips"

Introducing Mary Josephine on December 22, 2011